10 reasons to visit Ladakh

Why choose the Himalayan regions as a destination, especially Ladakh? Read on for our 10 reasons why you’ll fall in love with Ladakh and its breathtaking landscapes and millenary heritage.

#1 The Landscapes

The first thing you will notice upon arrival in Ladakh and at Nimmu House: the amazing geography of this destination. Ladakh is in the middle of the Himalayan Mountains, tucked between the Himalayan chain in the south, and the Karakoram chain in the north: two of the highest mountain ranges in the world! Here, the continental drift takes place. This is a meeting point between the central Asian continent and the Indian subcontinent. The landscapes offer an amazing geologic context, with a huge diversity, contrasts and colorful slides of storms.


#2 The trekking options

Ladakh, the trekking land… this region is a paradise for hikers. The Sham valley trek, which lasts 3 to 4 days, is a good start for those who want to discover this land by foot but are not too experienced. The Markha valley trek is one of the most beautiful in Ladakh. Because of the landscape diversity: crossing blue rivers, green villages, going up some slopes… A real pleasure for the eyes and a healthy challenge for the legs! Other treks include crisscrossing the Tso Moriri or the Changtang nomad region, the Zanskar and its wild landscapes…

#3 The “Little Tibet”

The links between Tibet and Ladakh are narrow. The cultural influence of Tibet spread of beyond the Chinese frontiers… Nowadays, Tibet is a secular area, difficult to reach for foreigners, or even for Tibetan people who live abroad due to political reasons. However, Tibet remains a land of dreams for a lot of travelers. There are a plethora of similarities between Ladakh and Tiber, hence the name ‘Little Tibet’.

little tibet (2)


#4 The cultural heritage
Ladakh is also a perfect place to discover a huge cultural and religious heritage. Go and admire the perched monasteries of the Indus valley, as Likir, Stakna, Changtang, Chemrey or Lamaryuru, from Nimmu House. Only a short drive from Nimmu House are a number of monasteries on the border of the Indus River.

#5 The climate

Contrary to the majority of India, the monsoon phenomenon doesn’t take place in Ladakh. Retained by the high Himalayan summits, clouds and rain don’t reach the high Ladakhi valleys. Moreover, Nimmu House, located at 3200 meters high is a place where the nights are fresh even during the summer season. Days are warm in the summer months, but a refreshing breeze floats over Ladakh.



#6 The people

Travel is made up of meetings and discoveries, the ones you have by yourself and the ones that are offered to you. The Ladakhi people are strong believers in hospitality! You will be welcomed into houses with a cup of butter tea, a piece of chapati and even some delicious momos!

people 2
#7 The resourcing and the spirituality

The majesty of the Himalayan Mountains helps you to develop your humility and your introspection. In these unique landscapes, you feel thankful and full of spirituality. It is by this way that Nimmu House proposes you some Yoga classes, during the July and August months.

#8 A vast array of experiences 

Ladakh, in addition to a large variety of treks and heritage visits, offers a huge number of other activities, such as rafting, mountain biking, quad-biking… There is something for everyone!

#9 The proximity

For Indian residents, Ladakh is located only 1:30 hour from Delhi. This region is the perfect spot for a short getaway, far away from the stuffy atmosphere of the big Indian cities. Nimmu House is located at only 45 minutes from Leh.

house 1
#10 The altitude

A stay in Ladakh is a journey up high: 3000 meters high! Your body will make red blood cells to balance the lack of oxygen. After your stay in Ladakh you will feel this phenomenon in your daily life. For example you will be less tired in your daily efforts, your weekly jogging will seems very easy, going up to four flights of stairs will be child’s play…. But be careful, this physiological adaptation takes at least 2 days to complete. During your acclimatization we advise you to drink a lot of water and not make any physical efforts.



So… are you ready to book your tickets to the Himalayan region? We are waiting for you, and it is not too late visit us this season. Autumn is also a perfect season to discover Ladakh and stay in Nimmu House!

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