Apricot trees are blooming at Nimmu House!

The apricot season is opening at Nimmu House! Every year the same magical event takes place in the boutique hotel… some shiny flower buds are coming on the trees of the quiet and peaceful Ladakhi accommodation, at only 45 minutes from Leh. They flood the terrace with their white, pink, purple colors… Wonderful ambiance in Himalaya!

Apricot flowers announce the start of this floral ballet, between the end of April and the beginning of May. Apple flowers follow the apricot ones, with pink and purple colors. The illusion is complete between the snowy summits of the surrounding mountains and the flower petals flying in the wind and decorating the outdoors of each Ladakhi house.


In spring, when apricot trees start blooming for a very short period, that’s when farmers begin the plantations of the year. That also announces the arrival of the beautiful sunny and warmer days.
After this short blooming, apricot fruits will grow during all the summer season, to become delicious at the end of august. The picking is always done in family, and every house in Ladakh has several fruits trees, for the happiness of kids and adults. Fruits are eaten fresh but can also be used in a lot of traditional preparations.


In order to preserve apricots all the year long, Ladakhi people transform fresh ones into dry ones. Thanks to the sun and the dry air, apricots are naturally dehydrated. Dry apricots of the Sham region are well known to be the best of the country since decades. If you come to Nimmu House, you will get the chance to taste them in your breakfast muesli, as a snack after an Himalayan trek or monastery visit… You could also bring back a little pack of these delicacies in your luggage, as a souvenir from the boutique hotel. You will find packs of apricots in our shop.


Villagers use also apricot seeds to create oil, creams and other cosmetics. Moreover, the seeds could be eaten as dry fruits. Finally, apricot jam and other sweet delights are daily on the menu of the boutique hotel.


We hope that this little introduction to the apricot culture of the Ladakhi world has enhancing your taste buds… we are looking forward to see you at Nimmu House and let you enjoy our delicious apricots recipes !
See you soon, Julley!

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