How to make yummy ladakhi momos?

Have you ever heard about Momos? A strange name for a delicious snack or meal! Momos are those kinds of small “raviolis”, a Tibetan ladakhi specialty highly appreciated by both locals and travelers from Nimmu House. These little mouthfuls can be eaten as appetizers, as starter and as main course. Maya, our Chef, creatively fills them with chocolate as well for deserts. Yummy!

nimmu cooking atelier
This secular traditional preparation is present in numerous Asian countries. Named Dumplings, Gyoza… Each kind has its own specificities and flavors. Ladakhi Momos are often vegetarian, due to the Tibetan culture which prohibits meat. Mix of carrots, cabbages, spices, onions… depending on the season, the farce can change. You can also find some momos filled with chicken or mutton, embellished with ginger, onions, coriander, tarragon, salt and pepper, curry, cumin…


This year in Nimmu House, Maya will enjoy teaching you the secrets of Momos during a cooking atelier. The initiation takes place in the Boutique Hotel garden, under the shadow of apricot and apple trees. Your 5 senses are awake during the atelier: smell of spices and aromatic herbs, sound of water which flows in the little stream on the garden, view on the mountains and summits nearby the house, touch of pastry and vegetables on the table.. and finally tasting the delicious momos you have made!

nimmu cooking atelier

The 6 steps of a momo cooking atelier at Nimmu House

First step: Putting on the cooker apron, mandatory dress code for the lesson.
Second step: Listening to our Chef Maya’s short story about Momos.
Third step: Cutting the ingredients for the farce… Depending on the season and on your wishes, they can sensibly change.
Fourth step: Mixing the ingredients together for the farce. Usually, Maya takes care of this particular task.


Fifth step: Preparing the small wafer which will be the wrap of the momos. Maya prepares the dough in advance, your job is to give it the specific sharp of momos. After rolling the dough by hand in a small balls, you have to flatten them.
Sixth step: Filling the dough with the mixed ingredients. Sensible step, as the farce and dough need to be carefully balanced in quantity. The ladakhi momos have a half-moon shape. Experience and expertise are needed to design the perfect momo shape! Don’t worry if you can’t achieve it for the first time. Actually, why not imagining your own momo shape?

Then is the time to steam-cook the momos in a « Mokhro », a kind of big cooking pot with a first compartment full of water and a second one which lets the steam passes and where the mouthfuls are cooked.

Let’s then wait 20 minutes… Your must be patient and enjoy the smell of spices and vegetables from the kitchen of the ladakhi boutique hotel.
Your patience will be rewarded with the final tasting of your creations. On the sunny terrace of the house, with a ‘chutney’ sauce , it is time to enjoy the hot momos ! Another way to prepare momos is to roast them. After being steam-cooked, momos are then roasted in a pan.

nimmu cooking atelier

How to participate to a momos atelier at Nimmu House?
The momos ateliers take place throughout the season in Nimmu House. You could communicate us your wish to participate one day before and we will be happy to enjoy one a nice guest-homemade momos meal together! The atelier duration is 2 hours. It can take place in the morning or in the afternoon, after a walk of the village, or a monastery visit, or even after an half day trek in the surroundings of Nimmu village. A great experience which brings you close to the ladakhi traditions and which will get you to know more our super Chef Maya !

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