Nimmu House is volunteering for a cleaner village!

Nimmu House is a Boutique Hotel where phrases like sense of welcome, cultural enhancement, quality of services and sustainable practices are really important. We engage our team daily in actions related to these principles. One of our projects was to clean parts of the Nimmu House village. We organized a special day called ‘Cleaning Nimmu Village’, and on that day all team members put their walking shoes on to do their bit for our local community.

sustainability cleaning leh ladakh

It is the middle of spring here, so the Himalayan accommodation is reopening, the flowers are blooming and valleys of Ladakh are a bright green color, with some splashes or bright color from the blooming flowers. Unfortunately, the charm is often ruined due to rubbish that is trashed across the lands. Nimmu House is sensitive to the principles of sustainable development and to the wellbeing of the locals and our guests. The team of the charming hotel mobilizes itself to clean the streets of Nimmu Village.

Plastic bottles, metal cans, candies and laundry packages, cigarettes butts, dirty clothes, papers… In total, more than 200kg of rubbish was picked up during the day. One of the aims of the action was also to invite the locals to be aware of the sustainable actions we can do in the village: putting rubbish in the bin may be a simple gesture, but it is sadly not a priority and often it is forgotten. Our proud team led the way and made an example of themselves by ensuring all rubbish was disposed of appropriately.

nimmu team sustainable clean day


The Cleaning day has also permitted to reinforce the links inside the Nimmu team. By sharing such activity, the sense of community and working together is even stronger. Thanks to this impacting action, the surroundings of Nimmu House are even prettier and we are looking forward to welcoming you to this remote and secret Ladakhi place…

sustainability ladakh

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