Trek from Basgo to Nimmu, a ladakhi mountain getaway

trek basgo ladakh
Ladakh is the land for trekking and adventure. Situated in the North West part of the Himalayas, it is the perfect spot for a mountain getaway. It could be several days, maybe months for the most adventurous, or only a few hours walking towards the peaks.  Hiking and trekking in this beautiful Ladakh is a magical experience full with colors: the green valleys bordering the mythic Indus and Zanskar rivers, the ocher steep slopes, the black volcanic rocks,… Exploring the himalayan path doesn’t leave anybody the same.

trek basgo ladakh

Nestled in the heart of these colorful landscapes surrounded by sky-reaching summits, you will find the village of Nimmu. From there, travelers and trekkers are at the front line to enjoy this breathtaking scenery. The village is the perfect playground for outdoor experiences and a trekking basecamp of choice.

At Nimmu House, one of our favorite trek is the one linking Nimmu village to Basgo, the neighbor village. During 4 hours, trekkers are walking through the mountains, reaching high tracks from where they can get a panoramic view on the village and Indus Valley. Angchuk, Jimmy or Samphel Ley, local guides who love to share their expertise of the region, accompany our groups of trekkers.


The trek starts from Basgo village where travelers are transfered by car. The 2 ancient perched temples of Basgo are majestuously dominating the landscape. Some like to walk up the hills all the way to the top of the temples, others prefer to look at the temples from the overarching huge plateau. The first 200 meters part is quite steep. Just after that you get a feeling of pure wilderness, strolling in a mineral landscape with a panoramic view on the snowy peaks of the Zanskar chain and the Stok chain, far away on the East side.


Cairns are marking the path. These rocks have been eroded by the wind, the water and the time… Along the way, we see prayer flags which remind us that even in these secural places, humans with a strong spiritual sense have been there before. Walking from Basgo to Nimmu is also a true meeting with yourself and a great lesson of humility, feeling very small compared to this immense nature.


Would you like to explore the himalayan path too? We are waiting for you in Nimmu House ant it will be a pleasure to share our love for the Himalayas, its valleys and summits!
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