Welcome to the blog of Nimmu House, Ladakh

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the blog of Nimmu House – Ladakh.

This blog aims to help you discover Nimmu House, its history and that of its family, its evolution, and all those who are working to bring this unique home to life – the architects, workers, and the rest of the team who are on the job tirelessly to make your stay magical. There will also be talk of Ladakh, of course!

For those of you who have already stayed at Nimmu House, we hope that this blog will make you want to stay connected to the project, and even make you return! If you have not stayed at Nimmu House, we hope that this blog will make you want to visit us! Thanks to those who have stayed at Nimmu House, it has become the guesthouse it used to be for many decades.

Nimmu House is first and foremost a love story of a passionate team and restoration of a single noble house built in the early twentieth century in the village of Nimmu in the Indus Valley, Ladakh.

The thunderbolt of Nimmu House occurred in August 2012, when Lobzang Shamshu and Alexandre Beuan visited the home for the first time. All at once imposing, delicate and strikingly beautiful, Nimmu House also had a heartbreaking fragility, due to lack of maintenance for many years. This jewel of Ladakhi architecture needed a lot of attention, as for many years the family that owned the house – cousins ??of the King of Ladakh – was unable to maintain the property.

The Nangso family that owned the house chose Lobzang Shamshu to invest in the restoration project for Nimmu House to bring it back to its former glory. They wanted to welcome travelers now just like the time in the not so distant past when they catered to caravans plying the region between Central Asia, India and Tibet.

Lobzang gathered around him a team of enthusiasts, architects, designers, professionals of tourism and hospitality, and the first phase of construction began in April 2013.

The first season of Nimmu House for travelers from India and Europe opened in July and August 2013.

Work resumed in mid-March 2014 and will last until May. Nimmu House will await you from the 1st June till the 30th of September in 2014.

See you soon at Nimmu House!

The Nimmu House Team

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