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Between Heaven and Earth

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Located between the highest mountains of the world - the Himalayas in the South and the Karakoram in the North, the Ladakh-Zanskar region of nearly 100 000 Kmē represents one of the last free shelter for Tibetan culture.

Many valleys from Ladakh-Zanskar have long remained unexplored and therefore maintained an authentic Tibetan buddhist culture.

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At the crossroad of civilisations

Between Central Asia, Tibet and India

Though the region has not been opened to travellers before 1974, Ladakh has been regarded for centuries as a crossroad of civilisations. Until recently caravans were travelling through the Indus Valley, passing by the highest mountain passes at more than 5000m and the Changtang plains to reach Tibet.

People of Ladakh

Buddhism in the Himalayas

The majority of Ladakhi population is today sedentary and lives from agriculture revenues. Nonetheless a minority remained nomad and travels with their yaks, horses, goats and sheeps on the high plateau of Rupshu. Most of the people from Ladakh have Tibetan origins and therefore speak derivative dialects from Tibetan language.

The population is mainly buddhist and many monasteries are perched above villages. The most reputed in the Indus Valley are Hemis, Matho, Stakna, Tikse, Phyang, Likir, Alchi and Lamayuru.

The Nimmu village

An oasis of peace in the heart of Ladakh

Nestled at 10,000 feet of altitude at the intersection between the Zanskar and Indus rivers, Nimmu is a traditional village of Ladakh that counts 2 small monasteries as well as many old caravanserai. Approximately 200 families live today in Nimmu village.

Thanks to the optimal sun exposure, agriculture is flourishing and allows the villagers - farmers and shepherds mainly - to have a comfortable life. In summer season, they spend several months in altitude with their herds of yaks and goats.

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Nimmu House is a Glamping and Heritage eco-resort situated at 45 minutes from Leh, Ladakh. Nestled at 3100m of altitude it is the ideal location to start or end a trek, explore the traditional villages and monasteries of the region, or simply disconnect and recharge your batteries. The hotel combines with perfection tradition with nature and modern comfort.

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