The project


A sustainable project of local heritage preservation

Nimmu House is only 40 minutes away and lower in altitude than the busy town of Leh but it feels like a world away. At 3100m of altitude surrounded by unmatched himalayan panoramas in the traditional village of Nimmoo.

In the early 20th century, a nobleman Zildar Rinchen Namgyal of the Nangso family of Ladakh built this house in traditional Ladakhi style with exterior walls angled slightly outwards, inspired by a property he had seen on a pilgrimage to Lhasa.

80 years later, Nimmu House was put together by a team of Tibetologists, art historians, restoration workers, local designers and hospitality experts to transform the historic house into a sustainable tourism enterprise. Difficult access to manpower, the amplitude of the renovation works and the hard winters made it compulsory to spread the project over a few years.

A charming glamping retreat, Nimmu House keeps its authenticity by respecting Ladakhi traditions and offering modern comfort. The property maintains its original architecture, buddhist temples and barn in which cows and dzos rest quietly.

The result : A picturesque & charming noble house with 5 rooms and an orchard with 7 tents that looks and feels like a dream.


The house has been renovated with traditional materials and works with solar energy; in addition, we recycle water and grow our own delicious fruits and vegetables in the garden, which are cooked by our chef for you.






In order to support the local economy, and support local artisans, we invite you to discover our boutique where you can find traditional objects, steel water bottle, natural cotton clothing. This project follows an eco-responsible approach, and a fair trade between locals and travellers. 


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