The project


A sustainable project of local heritage preservation

Nimmu House is a noble house that was built a Century ago by the cousin of the King of Ladakh. The project to renovate it and turn it into a glamping and heritage eco-resort was born in 2012 when ladakhi entrepreneur Lobzang Punchok Shamshu and French tourism professionals passionated of Himalaya Alexandre Le Beuan, and Jeremy Grasset visited the property – which immediately won their hearts.

The Nangso family, the owner of Nimmu House, offered them to invest in the renovation of this architectural heritage as they were lacking the financial resources to preserve it. Alex, Jeremy and Lobzang reacted with high enthusiasm to the proposal and gathered together a team of sustainable construction specialists, Tibetologist and art historians in order to ensure the authentic preservation of this Ladakhi jewel. The talented French interior designer Emeline Leveillé-Nizerolle decorated the house with taste and respect for Ladakhi heritage. Difficult access to manpower, the amplitude of the renovation works and the hard winters made it compulsory to spread the project over a few years.


The house has been renovated with traditional materials and works with solar energy; in addition, we recycle water and grow our own delicious fruits and vegetables in the garden, which are cooked by our chef for you.




In order to support the local economy, and support local artisans, we invite you to discover our boutique where you can find traditional objects, steel water bottle, natural cotton clothing. This project follows an eco-responsible approach, and a fair trade between locals and travellers. 

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